The Thing

The Thing

The always inspiring movie “John Carpenter’s The Thing” motivated me to work on this image. I did the inks on several layers and Heather added another dimension to it with some awesome colors.
Gimme Shelter // Willamette Week

Gimme Shelter // Willamette Week

I’ve done a handful of illustrations of Portland Mayor Sam Adams for both Willamette Week and The Portland Mercury. He’s often in the news. Here’s the latest one that has to do with his recent interactions with the regional public transit system in the area. Art Director Ben Mollica and...


Gearing up for the political season, here is a new promo illustration. This is set up for a magazine spread, but also works well at about postcard size. I’m interested to hear the feedback on this image because I wanted to play off of how each side (Democrat and Republican)...
Oscar Whispers // Grantland Quarterly #3

Oscar Whispers // Grantland Quarterly #3

Here is one of the pieces I did for Grantland Quarterly #3. This series of books are full of awesome illustrations! Check it out here:
Work Weak

Work Weak

  Here is a new personal piece. Sometimes it can just be a long week at the office. Created with ink and Photoshop, but set up well for silkscreen separations.
Mauitime Cover

Mauitime Cover

Cover Art // Art Director: Justin “Scrappers” Morrison This is a cover piece I did a few weeks ago. It was for the former Art Director of The Portland Mercury, who recently moved to Maui. I had a good amount of creative freedom on this one, which is always fun!¬†Click...
Recent Projects

Buckaroo – Original Art on Etsy

My Etsy store is open now and I posted my first item. Check it out here:

The Logic of Sex Laws – Portland Mercury

Here’s another illustration for the Portland Mercury.


Here’s an illustration I did for Offbeat magazine in New Orleans. It’s the header to a listing for a jazz festival. Here’s their website.

Ball Busters – Willamette Week

I did this illustration on an article about Smash Putt. It’s basically miniature golf + alcohol, which is pretty great in my opinion. I think the article mentions this, but the Portland recipe for success seems to be: Something you enjoyed as a teenager + alcohol. You’ve got Ground Kontrol – an awesome classic arcade/bar....


My friend Ulises Farinas has been doing some cool stuff for the Transformers comics lately and it got me in the mood to draw a robot in disguise… or at least on his way to being in disguise..

Portland Mercury Editorial Illustrations

Here are a few recent editorial illustrations I did for the Portland Mercury. There is a section on their website that has all the images I’ve done for them, kinda neat: . Also the Art Director over there, Scrappers, recently did an interview on Escape from Illustration Island, IT’S GREAT STUFF!:

Here are a few of the drawings I made at a live model session at Hipbone. I went with Tom, he posted a few of his awesome drawings on his blog here.

Bikes, Brews, Banks, Oh My! – Portland Mercury

Here are a few spot illustrations I did for the current issue of The Portland Mercury. I like the black and white versions a little more than the color versions. READ THE FULL ARTICLE WITH COLOR IMAGES ONLINE HERE.

Happy Holidays!!!

In an effort to be a little more ‘green’ this year, I’ve decided to put out our holiday card online as a desktop / mobile device background. Please feel free to click any of the linked images below to open up the correct size ratio for your screen or device and download it or set...

Metal for Veterans

  This is a poster I put together for a group of metal bands playing a benefit show in Boise, ID next weekend. My brother is in the band RipshaW and their album is now available. Give a listen here. On the process of making this: The skull image was sketched out in pencil using...

Cycle of Violence – Portland Mercury

New editorial illustration for the Portland Mercury! Check out the article here:


 Playing around in Illustrator…